The Personality Profile

I, the writer of this blog, have found an interesting file created by That Guy. It would appear to be a personality profile written on one ‘Moriah Reinholz’. In his words;

“For Moriah, writing came much easier then talking. It all started when she was young, and she began writing her questions down for her teacher rather than asking them aloud. “I just got more creative and more creative and started with poetry in third grade.” Moriah published her first poem about that time.  According to her, “the skills I have to have are to think creatively and to think dramatically because the poems that I write are supposed to be deep and make you try to think.” She continues to write her poems today.

“Moriah also writes fan-fiction, or, a story created as a spin off to, or a continuation of, or an interpretation of a published fictional work that is written by a fan, or avid reader of that work. “When [you] write fan-fiction, you have to really know the characters, because fan-fiction is writing about a story that already happened and then putting them in situations, so if you don’t know the characters and you write a character as doing something that they would have never done it’s not a good fan-fiction.”

“”When I write my poems, I have my friends look over it,… but when I write my fan-fictions, I do it all myself.”

“Moriah is currently writing a sci-fi horror novel and hopes to get it published one day. “My goal right now is to finish the book, because I’ve been writing it for almost a year now.” In order to publish a book you have to be eighteen or have an assistant publisher, “Right now,… I have an assistant publisher,… and she helps edit it. …I’m friends with almost everyone that edits my stuff except for the people that leave comments online.”

“I’m really proud of the stuff I’ve written, especially the stuff I’ve published, because they’re in books and libraries.”


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