The Reflection

  • The Lessons

That Guy has been rumored to have changed while at HSI. He has learned that speaking in the third person is not as easy as it would appear, but is well worth the effort. He has also learned that there is such a thing as WordPress, and may or may not use it in the future. He has become much more media literate than he was before HSI, based upon the writings left behind. He has learned that programming is not as hard as he would have imagined. Finally, he may or may not have learned how to communicate with others.

  • The Memory

In That Guy’s own words, “All of HSI was awesome, I couldn’t possibly choose one thing.”

  • The Change

That Guy is noticeably more outgoing coming out of HSI then he was going in.

  • The Impact

According to That Guy, he is feeling much more ready for college then he was beforehand.

  • The Rewind

If That Guy was able to redo HSI, he would “Do all of the other activities so that [he] could have twice as much HSI.”

  • The Opinion

“HSI is awesome. Enough said.”

The Steriotypes

  • The Gender

Men and women are now portrayed more equally in the media than they were in the beginning of the widespread use of TV.

  • The Racial

In today’s television, if you openly portray racial stereotypes, then you will receive flack and/or open hostility towards your film and yourself. As a result, movie companies have become better at hiding the stereotypes.

  • The Sexual

Those that are GLB or T are often portrayed as being flaunty and open.

  • The Examples

To our knowledge, That Guy has lived a rather sheltered life and has not been introduced to many shows or movies that portray these stereotypes and therefore, cannot be relied upon to give any accurate examples.

The Media Multitaskers

  • The Multitasking; School

That Guy is not allowed to use Technology in his school, so it is not known whether or not he would attempt to multitask. It is known that if That Guy were allowed to use technology for note taking, he would be much faster at taking notes.

  • The Multitasking; Home

That Guy has never been found multitasking and careful research has found that he has no known avenue to multitask.

  • That Guy? Multitasking?!

In That Guy’s own words, “I am TERRIBLE at multitasking.”

  • Multitasking in the future

If That Guy’s school allows Technology in the future, That Guy is not likely to be found Media Multitasking.

  • The Impact

Multitasking could cause stimulation issues in the future.


The Mook and the Midriff

  • The Mook

A Mook is an immature man trapped in adolescence.

  • The Midriff

A midriff is a girl forced into maturity at a young age.

  • The relevance today

Mooks and Midriffs are still stereotypes today, and can be found in most teenage oriented shows today.

  • The creation

Mooks and Midriffs were created by the media and are not an accurate reflection of society

  • The evolution of content

The content found in MTV has changed in the past thirteen years in that it now shows everything but music.

  • The hopes of that guy

That guy can be found to be quite vocal about the direction MTV should go. It is in his opinion that MTV should go back to playing music and  fulfill the name Music TeleVision.

The Media

·         The Problematic Images

Images found in advertisements, magazines and on TV can be problematic for today’s men and women. According to the media, today’s men and women should be taller and leaner than they really are.

·         The Damage Done

These images cause a multitude of problems, from health issues to suicide.

·         The Interpretation

These images show mainly the teens and older age groups what they ‘should’ look like, simultaneously telling them that where they are now is a bad thing.

·         The Affect On That Guy

Over all of the studies we have done, these ‘perfection images’ have never affected That Guy adversely if at all.

·         The Possible Solutions

If the media were to admit that they were lying with the ‘perfect people’ they are trying to display and were to begin showing real people in there magazines and healthy things to do, many of the issues would be resolved.


HSI: The Interview

  • The Interviewer

This was a first for That Guy, so it could be assumed that That Guy felt somewhat awkward interviewing somebody else on a topic that he knew little to nothing about.

  • The Interviewed

This was also a first for That Guy, yet That Guy found that, at least in his case, it is much easier to be interviewed than to interview.

  • The Best Part

That Guy has said that he learned many new things about his partner that he would have never learned otherwise.

  • The Worst Part

According to That Guy, the start of the interview was by far the hardest and most awkward part.

  • The Learning Experience

In his words, “I learned that food is yet again a good ice-breaker for many kinds of conversations.”

  • The Redo

If That Guy was able to redo this interview, in his words, “I would choose a place with less wind.”

  • The Future

According to a reliable source, That Guy feels that he is far more prepared for an interview now than he was at the time of the interview.

HSI: The Banning of Books

  • The Book

And Tango Makes Three

  • The Reason


  • The Pro-censorship Viewpoint

Children should not be introduced to homosexuality at such a young and malleable age.

  • The Anti-censorship Viewpoint

This is a true story about real penguins and to ban this book is to hide our children from the real world.

  • The Validity of the Ban

The ban was valid for such a young target age, yet if the book was aimed for an older age group, the ban would have been far to strict and therefore, unwarranted.

  • That Guy’s Experience

The area that That Guy lives in is a ban free area, where if one does not wish to read a book, they don’t read it.

  • The Top Ten Banned Books Of 2013 That That Guy Has Read And Why

Hunger Games; School

Bone; They were funny

HSI: The Fourth Estate

  • The Fourth Estate and Democracy

The news has the responsibility to educate and inform the public of the most important news in the nation and the world. Nobody wants to hear about where a celebrity ate for lunch or which ones got divorced.

  • The Entertaining News

The news can and has been displayed comedically throughout history. This can be a viable source of news especially for those that are usually not interested in watching a regular news channel and are drawn in by the comedy.

  • The News and That Guy

That Guy does not regularly watch the news if ever, so if anybody says anything, that could be news to him. That Guy has never been seen talking to anybody about the news, so where he might turn is unknown.

  • The Entertainment  and That Guy

It has been rumored that That Guy seeks most of his entertainment through Books and the Written Word. This would seem logical as both of these are very well established forms of media and both could be considered a source of educational value by expanding vocabulary and inspiring thought. That Guy has not been known to forgo social or academic interaction for entertainment. That Guy’s parents have been known to encourage and promote healthy entertainment such as books and the written word.

HSI: That Guy’s Internet Tendencies

  • That Guy’s Behavior

That Guy spends far less time on social media than what could be considered normal.

  • That Guy’s Restrictions

As long as That Guy does all that needs done in his place of residence, he would appear to have no restrictions regarding the internet.

  • That Guy’s Opinion on Future Repercussions

According to reliable sources, That Guy is of the opinion that one should accurately represent oneself through social media.

  • That Guy’s Concerns on Privacy

It has been made known that That Guy feels that one should not put private information on a social media website, therefore he is not concerned with the lack of privacy social media provides.

  • That Guy’s Opinion on Consequential Rejection

To my knowledge, That Guy is of the opinion that if one is honest on their social media sites, the evaluation of the site should be an accurate evaluation of them-self. Consequentially, if one is rejected because of their social media, they are rejected because of who they are.